New Skiing Series, Life Between The Gates, Premieres on Midnight on DTC3

The World Pro Ski Tour (WPST) has announced a documentary series, Life Between the Gates, that will give viewers an inside look at life for racers on the WPST. This nine-part series will profile the world’s best men’s and women’s alpine ski racers as they travel to top ski destinations and compete in the exciting head-to-head race format. The program will air on DTC3 on Friday and Saturday nights at midnight, starting this evening.

This documentary series takes a cinematic approach to detail the early alarms, time spent away from home, the training, the crashes and the drama surrounding professional athletes as they battle it out to create their spot in skiing history. Race fans will also get a glimpse of nightlife and activities at each resort in a holistic version of what the WPST embodies to athletes and their supporters. With professional ski racers hailing from all around the world, including Olympians, World Champions, World Cup Racers and NCAA All-Americans, “Life Between the Gates,” showcases relationships, rivalries and more.

About the World Pro Ski Tour
The World Pro Ski Tour is a nationwide tour of events where professional skiers race side-by-side in a single elimination format. Prize money and an overall World Pro Tour title attract Olympians and professional skiers from around the world. On-site spectators and TV viewers can watch all stops on the Tour in an exciting and easy to understand format.