DTC3: The Year in Review, 2017

2017 marked another big year for DTC Channel 3, the local-based channel for the areas of Cannon, DeKalb and Smith counties, as well as eastern Wilson County and northern Rutherford County. DTC3 is available exclusively through the DTC TV service, and provides local content not available on any other area television service.

Tom Duggin and Nick Nokes - 2017 NTCA TeleChoice Awards Winners for DTC3 TV

The top story of the year for DTC3 was being the 2017 recipient of the NTCA (The Rural Broadband Association) TeleChoice First Place Award for Local Video content, in the NTCA’s largest division, which includes cooperatives serving 10,001 or more access lines. DTC’s submission into the competition was an excerpt from the local channel’s coverage of area high school football on DTC Sports. 2017 marked the 9th season for high school football on DTC3. “Football Game Night,” as DTC Sports’ coverage of area high school football has become known as in recent seasons, has been televising games LIVE on DTC3 and online at dtc3.tv since 2012. Local high school coverage on a tape-delayed basis began in the fall of 2009.

To date, DTC Sports has covered 117 high school football and regular season games, and will be celebrating their 10th season of coverage during the 2018 season. DTC Sports also added LIVE coverage of the games this season on Facebook Live, which brought several thousand more viewers to the production. Nashville radio sports station, 104.5 The Zone, also features excerpts of “Football Game Night” each Friday night, during their high school football coverage. The addition of social media and the excerpts broadcast from The Zone have brought even more attention to DTC Sports’ award-winning football coverage. Tom Duggin, Chris Vance and J.R. Smith anchor DTC Sports’ on air coverage of each Friday night’s game, while a crew three cameramen and three production associates work behind the scenes to ensure a high quality weekly telecast. DTC’s football coverage is truly a team effort.

View DTC3’s submitted clip which earned the award:

Among the comments DTC3 received from the panel of judges who selected the local cooperative for this prestigious award included the following:

This video could have fooled me into assuming it was done by a network affiliate in a top 50 market – very well done!”

Love this! Very well executed and a great example for all rural telcos in the video business. Live online viewing is genius, with re-runs only on DTC Sports.”

Jannie Mulaski, Marketing Director for DTC Communications, accepted the award at the NTCA Public Relations and Marketing Conference in San Diego, CA, in the spring of 2017.

In addition to receiving this prestigious national award for local video content, DTC3’s duo of Nick Nokes and Tom Duggin stayed busy working hard to maintain DTC3’s status of perennially being one of the ten most watched channels on DTC’s TV service, an anomaly in the world of telephone cooperative television. Most cooperatives who offer TV service – in addition to producing content on a local-based channel – traditionally rank anywhere from the 50th to the 100th most watched channel. DTC3, however, since it’s beginning a decade ago, has held a high standard of viewership over the years, due to the amount of local-produced content, combined with a large number of classic public domain television shows and movies. DTC3 also airs weekly music, sports, outdoor and home improvement shows, in addition to a number of local-based religious programs.

While high school football coverage is a staple of DTC3’s programming, junior high football was also added to the slate this season. Long-time radio sportscasting veteran Jeff Barnes was added to the DTC Sports crew to provide quality of each week’s games. As with high school football, games covered on the Jr. High level encompassed the areas of Cannon, DeKalb and Smith county schools, as well as Gordonsville and Watertown. Jr. High Basketball coverage was also a highlight of the year’s events, with coverage of the Smith County Tournament in January, and the Best at the West Tournament in late October.

The 2016-17 high school basketball season concluded in February, while the 2017-18 season kicked off in November, with DTC Sports providing its seventh season of coverage. Typically, one area game each week is filmed and aired on DTC3 within a span of a few days. Each high school game of the week is aired a total of four times. The sports crews of Tom Duggin and Grant James, and Terry Collins and Stacy Angel provide coverage of high school basketball on DTC3. A healthy slate of upcoming regular season games continues, starting January 12, and will continue through the District 6-A and District 8-AA Tournament, which will begin in February.

In 2017, DTC3 continued the tradition of several long-standing programs, including monthly Chamber of Commerce programs from Cannon, DeKalb and Smith counties. Watch a clip from the December, 2017, edition of the Smith County Chamber Corner here. Each month, the Chamber of Commerce director from each county discusses events of the month in each county, with special interviews with individuals involved in various events.

DTC3 also continued its annual coverage of the widely known Smithville Fiddlers’ Jamboree & Crafts Festival, an event that has been held on Smithville, Tennessee’s public square since 1972, on the weekend closest to Independence Day. DTC3 has been televising wall-to-wall coverage of the event LIVE on both the local channel and at dtc3.tv since 2012.

View a clip from DTC3’s coverage of the Jamboree:

DTC3 has also been instrumental in helping promote the event, which is one of the most well known and longest Appalachian Music festivals in the South. DTC3 covers well over 30 hours of the two-day event each year, with no interruptions.

County Fairs are also a big part of DTC3’s annual programming. Both DeKalb and Smith counties have an annual County Fair, with DeKalb County’s Fair dating all the way back to 1856. DTC3 provides coverage of various events throughout the week of each fair, including pageants and other specialty shows. Cannon County’s Good Ole Days festival is another event that DTC3 films at each year, including 2017. This two-day event features pageants, music, a parade and much, much more.

Watch DTC3’s coverage of the 2013 Good Ole Days parade:

Cannon County’s Good Ole Days are held each year in mid-May, while the DeKalb and Smith County Fairs are typically anywhere between mid-July to mid-August.

2017 also marked another year of offering another one of DTC3’s most highly-watched programs in Blackout Bingo. Viewers pick up a Blackout Bingo card at one of DTC’s area offices, and tune in each Monday night at 6:30 (with repeats on Monday at 10:30, and Tuesdays at both 6:30 and 10:30 p.m.). Over the course of the 30-minute program, 63 total numbers will be called out. If a viewer “blacks out” his or her bingo card – covering each space on the card – that viewer wins a weekly prize and has a shot at the weekly grand prize. $50 in restaurant gift cards. At the end of each 13-week season, a drawing which includes all winners from the season is held with one lucky winner receiving a $250 gift card, courtesy of DTC Communications. Blackout Bingo airs from the first Monday in September until the last Monday in May. Season 9 of the popular series is currently airing on DTC3, which runs through February, 2018. Season 10 will air from March until May, 2018.

Watch the September, 2017 Blackout Bingo promo:

Yearly Christmas parades, come the month of December, are a staple on DTC3, and 2017 was no exception. Each year, DTC3 films the Christmas parades in Carthage, Woodbury, Smithville, Gordonsville, Liberty and Alexandria. The year 2017 brought two new Christmas parades on board – the Watertown Christmas Parade, produced by DTC3, and the Murfreesboro Christmas Parade, filmed by a student film crew at MTSU and provided to DTC3 for airing. Area Christmas Parades air all throughout the month of December, including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

The DTC Annual Meeting is another fixture on DTC3, and is held each year in the middle of the month of September. The yearly business of the local cooperative is discussed, along with board member election results and more. The DTC Annual Meeting has been aired each year since the beginning of DTC3.

Watch the 2017 DTC Annual Meeting:

DTC3 continued its tradition of filming and airing several local high school graduations in 2017. Among those featured were the Gordonsville, Smith County, Cannon County and DeKalb County graduations. Hundreds of students from the area bid adieu to their alma maters, and embark on the next chapters in their lives. As is always the case, the 2017 area high school graduations were among the most watched programs of the year on DTC3.

Coverage of other local school events, such as the Woodland, Woodbury and East Side Egg Drops, the DeKalb County High School Human-Powered Vehicle Demonstration, and Tiger Fall Brawl 3-0n-3 Basketball Tournament also highlighted the 2017 DTC3 programming schedule.

Watch the Tiger Fall Brawl Tournament:

Local Religious Programming has been important to DTC3’s lineup since Day 1. The year 2017 carried on that tradition with several weekly programs, including The Gospel of Christ, Searching the Scriptures, Smithville Church of the Nazarene and First Baptist Church of Carthage. DTC3 is always looking to add local Religious programming, and will continue to do so in 2018.

See how Sundays are better with DTC here:

Other local programs featured in 2017 on DTC3 and online at dtc3.tv include the following:

  • Armchair QB’s (DTC Sports Weekly Football Talk Show. Watch an excerpt:

  • DeKalb West Grace & Lace Pageant, and the annual Spring Blossom Pageant

  • Tennessee Titans’ QB Marcus Mariota’s visit to DeKalb County High School. Watch a feature on the event:

  • High School Football Previews from Cannon, DeKalb, Gordonsville, Smith County and Watertown. Watch the Gordonsville preview:

  • Locally produced shows including Saluting America and State of the Arts

  • One-off specials, such as DeKalb County Churches, the Civil War in DeKalb County, the Lancaster Independence Day parade, Friends of Adams Library Annual Roast & much more

2017 was an extremely busy and highly memorable year for DTC3, but there’s much more to come! The groundwork is already being laid to continue many of the great programs featured in 2017 and years past, plus add more  new programs in order to continue to offer a wide variety of interesting, local-based programming. There’s much work to be done, and with 2018 knocking at our door, it’s an exciting time for DTC3 and DTC Communications, as a whole. As always, we want to thank our loyal customer base, a HUGE thanks goes out from DTC3 to all the customers and viewers who have made us a grand success, over the years. We look forward to continuing to bring you the best programming possible.

Thank you, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!